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Developed formal inspection program for a world class chemical processing plant. Reduced maintenance overtime from 60 percent of straight time to near zero.
Installed a derailment reduction program at a major plant complex with 60 miles of rail trackage and 1500 rail cars on site. Reduced derailments by 80%.
Investigated chronic quality problems with delivered bulk chemicals. Reduced complaints and rejected shipments from 33% to 1%.
Prepared procedures and training process for bulk terminal and chemical packaging operation. Reduced quality/safety incidents and ISO 9000 certification obtained.
Investigated reactive chemicals incident to determine cause and liability.
Provided custom procedures and references for mixed cargo compatibility for marine and road transort operations.
Designed facility and procedures for management of bulk transport trucks at a chemical complex shipping 300 trucks per day.
Performed site reviews of safety, quality, cost and service at bulk terminals and chemical manufacturing plants. Reports served as a primary resource for development of goals and improvement plans at the sites.
Developed procedures and provided direct supervision for removal of bulk hazardous material waste stored for years in chemical process and transport equipment tanks. Material removed and disposal completed with no incidents.
Evaluated existing supply chains involving road transport of extremely hazardous materials. Documented the most appropriate method of transport and successfully obtained government approvals.
Prepared specifications for rail tank cars to reduce spill potential when transporting environmentally sensitive cargo.
Represented major chemical producer to industry trade association workgroups.
Presented training seminars to chemical plant staff and transportation personnel regarding loading/discharge of hazardous cargo.
Assist field sales personnel in visiting key customers when technical issues are involving transportation, storage or handling of bulk materials.

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